Our Cellupor device uses a combination of Mattioli’s dermo electroporation technology and high-powered ultrasound delivery. Dermo electroporation utilises low energy electrical pulses to temporarily open the water channel of the skin cell membrane, allowing for quick and effective delivery of active substances such as caffeine or carnitine, which are both known for their fat burning ability whilst ultrasound technology has been used as a treatment for fat burning for many years. This device has been developed to combine the two technologies for a non-invasive yet highly effective fat burning treatment.
Sessions generally take up to twenty minutes and the device features a vibration feature that minimises client discomfort. Post treatment, the client may need to use the bathroom more often for a limited time, this is due to the body flushing out waste induced by the treatment.

Product Advantages

Pulse Machine

A new machine for
fractional non ablative skin bio rejuvenation.

Skin Solutions

Wrinkle reduction and pigmented lesions

Fast Treatments

Rapid treatment time

Feel The Difference

Laser Specification
Power: 230-240VR, 0.5 A
Pulse Width: 2,5 ms
Waves: 50 pulses per second
Wavelength: 150 micron inside the dermis (or gel) - 50 / 30.000 Hz
Average power: 300mW
Emission surface: from 0,5 mA to 4mA
Charge resistance: 0 to 15kΩ
Pulses frequency: 2200Hz
Pulses Length: 228 μs per second
Electric train length: 10ms
Output port: 3, selectable
Control system: Double microprocessor
Weight: 5kg
Full on-site training included with the cost of the laser.

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Pulse Machine

A new machine for
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