Mattioli’s DEP is a non-invasive standalone drug delivery system, used as an alternative to traditional injections. The system works by releasing a controlled current to open water channels in the skin and administering an ionised drug solution which is then absorbed by the skin, similarly to Mattioli’s Ultrapeel Transderm device. The main difference between the two is that the Ultrapeel features a digitally controlled micro dermabrader. The Mattioli DEP system includes the DEP control base, power supply and the transdermal delivery handpiece.

The main features of the device:
• Homogenous drug delivery to a specific area
• Real time drug delivery control
• Real time skin monitoring to ensure delivery success
• Fast drug delivery
• No electrolysis effects
• No need for pre-charged compounds or carrying gels.

Product Advantages

Pulse Machine

A new machine for
fractional non ablative skin bio rejuvenation.

Skin Solutions

Wrinkle reduction and pigmented lesions

Fast Treatments

Rapid treatment time

Feel The Difference

Laser Specification
Power supply: 9 V DC, 1A max, external
Average pulse current: +/-1 mA, 2mA, 3mA, 4mA, 5mA, user selectable, + 20%
Load impedance: 0-15KOhm
Pulse frequency: 2200Hz
Burst time: 10msec
Burst frequency: 50Hz
Full on-site training included with the cost of the laser.

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