Tattoo Removal Treatments

When it comes to laser tattoo removal treatments
you can’t do better than our Q-switched lasers
Q switched lasers work by producing extremely short bursts of energy and are able to produce massive amounts of power that helps in instantaneously breaking up even the most stubborn inks and pigments. Both lasers pass the laser emission through a Potassium Titanyl Phosphate (KTP) crystal that cuts the wavelength in half creating the 532nm energy allowing for the most effective removal of tattoos and lesions. Having both the 1064 nm and 532nm wavelengths means our Q Switched YAG and Ruby Lasers are capable targeting different tattoo ink colours or pigments based on their light absorption ability.

As with other types of laser treatments, darker material means better absorption and as such, black and other dark coloured inks are easier to remove and can be removed completely using Q-switched equipment. Lighter colours such as green and yellow are more difficult to remove and may require more treatment sessions.
Laser light is absorbed by the tattoo ink which is then broken down into tiny particles which are easily removed by natural bodily means. Being able to modify the wavelength with our Q-Switched YAG and Ruby lasers means your client gets the most efficient and appropriate treatment and gives them confidence to look their absolute best.

QS Yag Tattoo removal laser
Here at Polaris medical lasers, we manufacture and sell both QS YAG Lasers and Ruby Lasers, which are not only top of the line for tattoo removal, but also work to help treat unwanted skin pigmentation, spider veins, as well as reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
The BrrEase cooling system is supplied and included in the price of both our Tattoo removal lasers and complimentary on-site training is included in the purchase price of every machine.
Training covers all aspects of the equipment and how to operate it safely, training is as long as necessary and varies depending on the device and the experience of the customer.
Payment plans are available if the customer wants to spread the cost and Polaris work with leasing companies to offer an in-house package based on 20% deposit with order, 30% payment due on delivery and the balance paid interest free over 12 months.
All our laser systems are sold with full warranty so why not enquire today?

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