The Polaris QS-Yag laser offers high power at both 1064nm and 532nm for the successful and safe treatment of tattos and pigmentation.

With a short pulse duration, high pulse rates and easily adjustable spot sizes the Polaris QS-Yag is the perfect partner to the Polarsi Ruby 694.

The Polaris Q-Switched Nd:Yag laser produces pulses of energy that are very short but high in power. The light is absorbed by the pigment in the tattoo but not the surrounding skin.

A combination of light absoption and acoustic shock help to break down the ink into smaller particles that the body can dispose of naturally.

Product Advantages

Pulse Machine

A new machine for
fractional non ablative skin bio rejuvenation.

Skin Solutions

Wrinkle reduction and pigmented lesions

Fast Treatments

Rapid treatment time

Feel The Difference

Laser Specification
Wavelength: 1064nm & 532nm
Mode: Q-Switched
Energy: Max 900mJ at 1064nm - 450mJ at 532nm
Pulse duration: 6ns
Repetition Rate: 1-10 Hz
Beam delivery: Articulated arm
Spot size: 3-10mm
Aiming beam: 633nm diode
Size: H 98, W 40, D 80CM
Weight: 65Kg
Electrical: 240V / 13A / 50Hz
System cooling: Internal self contained
Full on-site training included with the cost of the laser.

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