June 12, 2024

Ultrapeel® Transderm® Digital & Cellupor® Body Shaping Machine

Today we are talking about two of our machines, the Ultrapeel® Transderm® Digital and the Cellupor® Body Shaping Machine

Let us start with the:

Ultrapeel® Transderm® Digital

Dermoelectroporation® System

What is the Ultrapeel® Transderm® Digital?

Ultrapeel® Transderm® is a non-invasive stand-alone drug delivery system, carrying Dermoelectroporation® Technology to deliver an ionic drug solution into the body for medical purposes, as an alternative to injections.

How does the Ultrapeel® Transderm® Digital work?

Dermoelectroporation® increases the skins permeability, just by using some of the skins water-based channels, which are opened by a particular controlled current delivered to the patient and allowing the drug solutions to be able to penetrate down and be absorbed into the hypodermis and muscle membranes.

With its ability to monitor the patients skin characteristics in real time, it can modify the pulse delivery, accordingly, ensuring a 100% delivery success and maximum flexibility.

What treatments can be done using the Ultrapeel® Transderm® Digital?

There is a wide range of applications that can be done using the Ultrapeel® Transderm® Digital:

Hyperhidrosis~ Excessive Sweating

Cellulite Treatments

Wrinkle Treatments

Pre Laser-Treatments

Skin Whitening Treatments

Pre and post plastic surgery sessions

Steroid Applications

Aesthetic applications

Fat deposit treatments

Skin Rejuvenation treatments

And many more

What drugs are available for use with the Ultrapeel® Transderm® Digital?

 There are many drugs that can be used with the Ultrapeel® Transderm® Digital:

Type A Botulinum Toxin~ (a neurotoxin used to treat chronic migraines, cervical dystonia, and others)

Phosphatidylcholine ~ (can be used to treat ulcerative colitis)

Hyaluronic Acid~ (can help increase moisture in the skin, and help promote healthy joints)

Aminophylline ~ (helps prevent and treat wheezing, shortness of breath caused by asthma and other lung diseases.


Heparin ~ (blood thinner, helps prevent harmful clots building up)

Lidocaine ~ (numbing agent that can be used to relieve PHN post-herpetic neuralgia, burning, stabbing pains or aches)


And many more.

What are the benefits of using the Ultrapeel® Transderm® Digital?

With its ability to target the affected cells or tissues, the drug can be administered directly to the site that needs treatment, increasing the effectiveness while minimizing side effects on healthy cells.

This also contributes to allowing a lower dose of the drug to be administered while still achieving the desired results, reducing potential side effects, and reducing the cost of drug therapy.

Targeted drug delivery also allows for the customization of drug delivery based on the patients needs, such as age, disease stage, genetic factors, and weight, optimizing treatment plans and improving outcomes.

And now for the:

Cellupor® Body Shaping Machine

This machine is designed to treat hard-to-shift pockets of fat non-invasively and with no downtime, it makes it one of the best options for body shaping.

What is Cellupor® treatment?

Cellupor® treatment is a non-invasive treatment that has no downtime and takes around 20 minutes to treat each area.

Using low energy electrical pulses to temporarily open the water channel entrance of the skin cells membrane, allowing for quick penetration of active substances like Caffeine and Carnitine, which are both well known for their fat eating properties. Reducing adipose tissue and cellulite.

Does Cellupor® treatment hurt?

No, it does not hurt, sometimes a tingling sensation may be felt, but this is minimised by the vibration feature which helps give a pleasant and relaxing treatment.

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