Body Treatments

Body Shaping is designed to treat hard to shift pockets of fat non-invasively and with no down time.
Used for stomach, thighs, buttocks, and backs of arms Body Shaping treatments are non-invasive with no down time.
D.E.P. Technology uses low energy electrical pulses. These pulses temporary open the water channel entrance of the skin cells membrane, allowing quick penetration of active substances like Carnitine and Caffeine both well known for their fat eating properties.
Ultrasound has been used for many years to help break down fatty deposits.
Each area takes approximately 20 minutes, during the treatment a tingling sensation may be felt this is minimised by the use of a vibration feature which helps give a pleasant and relaxing treatment.
It is essential that plenty of water is drunk, a minimum of 1.5 litres a day, as well as eating a healthy diet of around 1500 calories per day. After the treatment it maybe that there is a need to visit the bathroom more often, this is to be expected and due to the body flushing out the waste.

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